The debate takes place, if the government is responsible for providing our health care?

There are many arguments for and against national health services.

At one time, everyone is responsible for their own health, there is no insurance. On that day and age, medical treatment is much cheaper than today, even taking into account the inflation rate for years.

The rise of most is because all new technologies are available at this time, but for a large level, the increase in costs is caused by increasing demand.

Because of changes in our national mentality, mostly because contracts are negotiated, everyone thinks their health care is free. Most come to believe it’s true, right no one pays.

I strongly believe that affordable health care must be available to everyone.

However, because the current system, very few people are aware of health care costs, and therefore may be free for them, they go to the doctor for every small one they get. Many visits are unnecessary and expensive. People go to the emergency room for skinned knees, or flakes in their hands, this emergency can be taken care of at home.

It becomes “fashionable” to go to the emergency room.

Health insurance must be paid by individuals. If each individual is responsible for their health care, they will become more knowledgeable about what “works” and what doesn’t.

Most companies that provide health insurance allocate a number of wages for payment benefits including health insurance, whether they tell employees or not.

Individual employees must be made aware of this, that money must be allocated to individuals so that they can buy their health care individually.

Thus eliminating the influence of any company that can be given by the company in the insurance company, and it will open the insurance industry for more competition, it is always a good thing.

It allows individuals to have more control over their health care and ensure their rights to own or do not have insurance.

In some cases, when the two partners work and protected by their individual company insurance, both companies provide and pay health insurance and only one health plan needed.

Therefore, money wasted by a partner because they did not use insurance provided by one company. If money is allocated to employees, he can decide how to best use money in a way that will benefit the pair instead of being watered.

This will make individuals more responsible for their own health and well-being, and it will be his choice to have or not have health care.

If he chooses not to have health insurance, then he will be responsible for all the charges issued, and pay the consequences because they do not have insurance.

By reducing demand by removing people to go to a doctor or emergency room unless necessary, then the cost naturally will drop, and people will find alternatives, cheaper, better forms of care.

Of course, there will always be elements of society who cannot take care of themselves and they must be provided for, but there are too many people who abuse the system.

The only way to prevent it for people to be responsible for their own health. Regardless of what you believe, no one, including the government will keep you liking you.