So many emphasis placed on health and fitness today it seems that every where you turn to see or hear something about one or both. Have you ever considered what the term of health and fitness terms? Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is a condition of complete physical, mental and social welfare and not just the absence of diseases or weaknesses (abnormal conditions). This is only one effort to define health. There are as many health definitions because there are people because most people seem to consider health in terms of their own ability to function according to their own perceptions of what is normal. Now we know what health means, let’s see the definition of health.

Fitness can be defined as a country where individuals from certain sex and at the stage of growth and certain developments are able to meet the minimum physical, physiological and social requirements for functions that are appropriate in the sex category provided and on the growth provided. and level of development. Another definition of health is a dynamic health state where an individual develops towards a higher functionality, achieves the optimal balance between the internal and external environment.

From health and health definitions, it is easy to see why the medical history is requested when you see a doctor or other health care professionals. The requested information can include your medical history, family health history, diet, and sports. Depending on the health care professionals you see, other information can be requested. Why is comprehensive history important for your doctor or other health care professionals? History provided by you gave doctors or health care professionals the most important tool to diagnose your condition and give you proper care. In other words, when you provide honest and complete medical history, family history, medical history, diet, and training information that you provide to doctors or health care professionals to your health about your health and health. Social values ​​also affect how individual feelings about maintaining certain health levels. To summarize, health means many things. This is a complete sense of well-being and the absence of disease. The health of everyone falls somewhere in the line between extreme health and a good disease. For individuals, the existence or absence of health is usually not determined solely by laboratory tests or medical statements but also with the expectations made in the community in particular.