The bedroom is an important place. This is a place for people to rest so that the body that is rejuvenated is ready for the next day. The person is in one location for almost 7 hours and is vulnerable to unexpected events. Therefore, room security must be convincing again.

When the person is sleeping, the energy for the room is a mixture of Yin (still) and who (active). The ideal energy balance is for the bedroom to be more yin because we want silence so that the person can sleep or rest (Yin activity). At home, this can be translated into a place from the main door on the ground floor (level 1).

So, where did you find the bedroom?

And for whom?

1. One Floor House: The front of the property is usually a living room – a living room, dining room, kitchen and study room (office) where it’s more. The bedroom bedroom is usually located behind the property where more than Yin.

This also applies to apartments in a building. The bedroom is far from the living room.

2. Double floor house: ground floor (level 1) generally living room – living room, dining room, kitchen and study room (office). Upstairs (level 2) Usually the bed area with a bathroom. The preferred location for the main bedroom is the front of the property. However, there are several main bedrooms behind. The difference is not too big. The bedroom for other family members can also be in front or behind.

This configuration also applies to Duplex apartments. Downstairs is for the living room and upstairs is for the sleeping area.

3. Two-storey house upside down: Here is the upper floor (level 2) is the living room. Usually there is a beautiful view from this floor. The bedroom, however, is on the ground floor or downstairs (level 1). This setting should not be encouraged. This bedroom has more energy and, from my experience, the people who live here don’t really feel comfortable in the bedroom.

4. Houses with more than 2 floors (ie 3 or 4). The main bedroom will be on the top floor (level 2) and the other floor is for other family members (like children). Energy on the top floor is more than Yin and more suitable for young people or children who have more energy.

5. Attic: Sometimes, the attic is used as a bedroom. Preferably the girls have their bedroom here. The attic is an environment that is facing the sky directly. Girls are considered as Yin and therefore will be more comfortable in that environment. This is an example of a Yin that matches the environment.

6. Basement: There are also times when the basement is used as a bedroom. Preferably boys who are considered as those who use rooms on this underground floor (more energy yin). This is an example of the right person to the Yin environment.

The location of the ideal bedroom is somewhere quieter, as they say, “far from the annoying crowd”. Somewhere there is more energy balance than Yin.

Feng Shui is a Chinese land management system developed with the emergence of Chinese civilization, more than 40 centuries ago. It’s about using natural energy in the environment (houses, buildings, cities). This is to make a living space conducive to people to have suitable behavior to achieve health, wealth and better happiness.