When traveling outside your home country you will have to exchange your currency for the one used in your country of destination. It is always a reasonable idea to check the exchange rate before starting your trip. This will give you a general idea of ​​the rate you should expect to be offered while you are far from home.

Be aware that some places that offer a currency exchange office will quote considerably higher than their competitors. This is done to attract tourists without a mistrust to exchange their money at this particular place. The company will announce the “purchase rate” for your currency rather than the “sales rate”. The “purchase rate” is always higher than the “sales rate”.

Another tactic that is often used is an announced rate is higher than local competitors. This rate will only be available for the exchange of large amounts of money. The amount of money to which this rate is applicable will be in thousands rather than the average quantity required by a tourist.

The best place for exchange | species

The is to take the money with you on your trip forms the simplest exchange of currencies. The main disadvantage is that you will be offered a lower exchange rate if you use “plastic” for your transactions. Many banks will charge the institution that bought your foreign currency a variable exchange rate. The institution will not lose money on this type of transaction and therefore offer you a lower exchange rate. Transport of large amounts of money has its own dangers, that of theft.

Checks for travelers

Travel checks are a practical way of transport currency. You will have to pay a commission for the use of travel checks so it makes sense to compare this commission to any other form of royalties perceived on alternative exchange methods when seeking the best place for the currency of exchange.

Banks offer the service to be able to buy travel checks in the currency of your destination. There is a disadvantage to this because you are pre-purchase of the currency at the rate offered when you buy them. If the rate changes up during your trip, you have already bought and can not benefit from the rate increased. It is wise to ask for financial advice when looking for the best place for the currency of exchange.

Credit cards and debit cards

Without a doubt the best place for the exchange currency is using a credit or debit card during a trip. It is the safest way to remove the local currency using a cash machine. The rate offered by a cash machine (ATM) will generally be between two percent and seven percent higher than during cash exchange or travel checks. The ATM will tell you the exchange rate that is offered and all other applicable fees before completing the transaction. This gives you the choice or not to accept the rate that is offered.