From the majority of my participation with places of worship, they appear to shun any kind of ministry to business proprietors apart from a prayer breakfast or business person’s lunch. From what I have learned, the worry would be that the church turn into a networking place where business proprietors will come to obtain more business. As well as in by taking your stance, they’re departing hurting people suffering.

I have faith that the church should meet practical in addition to spiritual requirements of business proprietors and those that want to enter business. Jesus met the sensible requirements of people after which could address the spiritual needs since the people he ministered to were now available to what He’d to state.

There’s pointless the church should not follow that model. As well as in many areas the church is meeting the sensible needs of people that suffer, however the business individual is being overlooked.

For many of my business and professional career I’ve battled to reply to questions within my business or about beginning business that could have been easily clarified with a seasoned Christian business owner.

When I walked through church I’d see business proprietors who have been effective and would want that one of these would sit lower beside me which help me get solutions towards the questions which i had about entering business or suggestions about challenges I had been facing within my business. However that never happened. I battled and endured alone when there is an excellent possibility that another business person had the solutions I desired or could a minimum of offer encouragement in my experience when they did not.

And particularly in this tight economy, business proprietors suffer silently while all multiple other groups are now being supported, encouraged and edified through the church.

It’s been my experience that business people, generally, possess a more powerful walk using the Lord than the others who work. I understand this will ruffle down of other Christians that are not business people, however this website is for business proprietors and individuals who wish to get into business so I am not really worried about that.

Before I began my industrial construction business, I usually wondered why most of the leaders from the church were business proprietors or top-level executives.

After I used to be in business for a while, I recognized that business people had nobody to depend on but God. And since they merely had God to depend on, their walk using the Lord was strong and consistent. Now case my observation, but I have seen it again and again in various places of worship so I am happening the idea that it’s the same for many places of worship.

I believe it is a travesty the church isn’t supporting business proprietors during these tough occasions and I am proposing to begin a ministry designed to produce a friendly open atmosphere where business proprietors and business leaders can meet, share ideas and edify one another. I am having faith in God to fill in any details, but this is exactly what He’s placed on me at the moment.