Changing our business and utilizing the necessary changes is very important for the success of a sustainable business. Even very successful organizations can fade quickly if they cannot innovate and grow their organizations in a new way. But what we need in place and what should we maintain to ensure that we do not accidentally lose our engine capabilities to change and continue the growth and success of our business?

Acumen leadership.

First, we need to ensure that we as business leaders have the sharpness of leadership, skills and competencies to lead and grow our business. We must look at our business as a multifaceted organization and we must be a leader in more than one dimension. First, we have to lead and grow our people. This includes hiring and developing it. Even though we pay them, we need to appreciate that they might have other opportunities if we don’t respect them or give them a chance. We also have to understand our industry, trends and where it goes. This allows us to have a timely but eternal strategy for our business. We need to be aware of our own strengths and weaknesses so we know when to do an outsourcing task or bring support staff to help us.


We must be able to attract, develop and maintain the right person and give them knowledge and freedom to help us grow a business. Once we do this, we must have the courage and ability to look for their ideas. We must always remember that we not only need the right person on the bus, but they must be in the right seat. When we are responsible for our own learning, we need to hold employee responsibility for their own development.


We need to work diligently to continue to increase all our business processes. We need to understand how our customers experience us and how we can improve that experience. We also need to throw completely and redesign the process that is no longer relevant, damaged or who does not serve our customers. Increasing the process or redesigning must be seen as a team activity and we must realize that the best ideas for improvement come from the closest to the process and customers. Although it may seem wasteful to attract people from their work to improve the process, it is the most valuable job they can do for the long-term success of the organization.

Vision and Strategy

We also have to maintain a clear vision and strategy for where we want to take the company. We have to do more than just working “in” business, we have to work “on” it. However, by honing our leadership sharpness, keep going up to accelerate our industry and customers, and by listening to our employees’ ideas to improve our process, we will maintain our ability to continue to change and grow our business. And, most importantly, we must ensure that we execute on that strategy.

With these main ingredients in hand and at the forefront of what we do every day, we will maintain and maintain a transformational change culture that will trigger our sustainable business growth.