In this time phase it is the fastest growing industry. Credit of this exponential growth runs quickly appears new technology. In such situations it becomes very important for someone to look for something better than they have. Today’s life runs online and we all want to be integrated in a particular device. It becomes possible in the fall of 2007 when Android was launched. It is enough to maintain competition faced through several healthy parties operating systems, such as iPhone, Apple, Blackberry etc.

Android is a Linux-based open platform, of course for cellular devices that include the operating system and some of the main cellular applications. This is an open source platform that can be used by any third-party developer to create applications for cellular devices.

Android allows users to connect smoothly to the Internet through their mobile with the convenience as they have used through their desktop computers. This interface allows users to connect to all types of networks they choose and also allow them to add all types of applications they want. Above all the extraordinary aspects of this most important thing is that it is absolutely free to use. Google does not charge licensing fees for anyone who wants to base their device or application on Android.

Now stains along with Android devices are new aspects to search. New things are eye vision technology technology. This is the latest among Android users. This is a touch gesture control which is the latest to the market.

Using the front facing camera, Tech touch touch eye gives user control over basic functions without needing to touch the screen. A user will now navigate the image gallery, send an SMS, and make a call, all with a swipe movement done a few inches in front of the device. Secondly he displays a pause and plays the music player control using a momentary movement.

Some portable devices currently present a camera facing forward. Some upcoming Android-based devices are expected to have free touch technology. Free touch solutions are implemented in software rather than using special types of cameras, so it must fare well on the upcoming cellphone. Besides that it is a new device, such as Android-based tablets and music players.