Integrating the right technology in hospitals can always help solve problems and increase productivity. In this article we will talk about some of the latest technologies to help hospitals. In particular we will talk about EMR technology and some cellular applications that help make better integration.

In this article I will assume you know the basics of the EMR system and how it can help medical practice or your hospital. Therefore I will jump directly into several technologies that innovate the way this system can be used. The first major breakthrough for the electronic medical record system is the ability to integrate with a cellular application. The mobile application is just a piece of software that can run on iPhone, Android, iPad, Dell Streak, and others. This small software is generally very small in file size and can be accessed anywhere you have a data connection or internet.

Specifically there have been many applications made for iPhone and Android to work with your EMR system. The first software was made by allscript to be integrated with their EMR technology. This application allows doctors to see patient information in real time from their electronic medical record system on cellular devices.

The last software is Ichart ESD. This application will cost around 140 dollars but does not require certain brands or emr hardware use. This mobile application will enable iprescregens to patient drugs, cellular billing, laboratory information, and more. With the help of this software, you can now access patient information remotely and reach more than before.

In conclusion by using this new application in relation to electronic medical record technology that you can now increase the overall efficiency and ease for your medical practice. Many EMR applications will be provided or recommended for you when you buy a particular system. Therefore when researching different systems make sure to request your sales association how they integrate with cellular technology. Always remember research is the key to better understand the latest technology and what you should buy.