Most of your cleaning work is incomplete without various home care products, available in the market today. Household, institutional (HI&I), and institutional chemicals are products that nearly each one of you uses on a weekly basis, if not daily. HI &I chemicals and colors are formulated to keep your offices, homes, indoor spaces, functional, clean, and healthy.

There are several classes of these products – laundry detergents, dish, floor and carpet cleaners, glass and surface cleaners, and of course washroom and toilet chemicals. Every class of product suits a specific purpose with color and chemical to ensure its success.

Why there are dyes or colors in your home care products?

Color is one of the most important addictive for HI&I chemicals, as it helps in 2 very important characteristics: 1) Identification and 2) Brand Identity

The home care industry has classified the following norms of colors for products by the purpose they serve:

  • Blue – Used for surface and glass cleaners, mainly for general purpose cleaning requirement.
  • Red (or purple) – These home care colors are used for high-risk cleaning activities, where risk of contamination is there. For e.g. bathroom, urinal cleaners, and floor.
  • Yellow (or pink) – Soft or low-risk cleaning work like bathroom sinks etc.
  • Green –Areas of food preparation or utensil cleaning.

These home care colours greatly help the cleaning staff or others to identify the right product to perform cleaning activities. This color code method reduces the transmission of any containment from a filthy or dirty location to a cleaner one. If you need to train any cleaning staff, it’s much easier, since everything can be identified faster by color language. Safer use of cleaning products, help avoid any pricey mistakes, could often attribute to colored liquid products.

Importance of branding the cleaning or home care products by color

Colors greatly affect humans on emotional level, and the latter influences consumers buying decisions, as color even identifies a suppliers brand to the consumer.

It must be noted that a brand identity must always be protected. When working with pigments and dyes, it is not as simple as selecting a color and adding it to the product. A few dyes color contain chemicals better as compared to others, so one must be careful when you choose color or pigment related to your brand. Like for example – a blue color will not do anything good to your product only that you can easily identify it easily after a few months lying on the shelf. If you choose a color, FSW is helpful to ensure the color remains as it is and not change after some time.

As per the recent trends in the home care industry, most brands are looking to color changing products now, in order to assist them with the process of cleaning. So, the next time when you want to grab the blue window cleaning liquid, at least you are rest assured you are using the right cleaner from the brand you trust.

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