Let’s face it, there are thousands of office refurbishment services out there. All of them offer furnishings at a number of price points, but it can be incredibly confusing trying to decide how to proceed. Thankfully, if you’re on a budget, these bits of advice should help you succeed in your attempts to furnish an office while watching the pennies. It’s always great to get quality for a low price.

Upcycle Like Your Life Depends On It

A lot of people turn their noses up at the idea of reusing furnishings, but they’re absolutely missing out. The recent surge of vintage aesthetics and quirky artistry has made upcycling a much more appealing proposition, to the point where you could deck out a whole office in vintage, upcycled materials and still have it look fantastic. This approach lends itself to creative agencies and other organisations seeking a distinct identity of their own. It’s even possible to narrow your search down to a particular era or style, to really sell whatever atmosphere you’re going for. The money you’ll save is a great added bonus too. 

Buy In Bulk Whenever Possible

If you need to get a large space furnished without breaking the bank, definitely consider buying in large volumes. Not only will you fill the office space with quality matching furniture quickly, you’ll also achieve a better sense of how your space works, and what you can do to improve appearance and workflow. Large office spaces can feel cavernous, which is either a good or a bad thing depending on your preferences. Knowing how to make use of your space requirements, no matter how niche they may be, is incredibly important. You never know when you’ll end up in an office that has some kind of special feature or requirements. 

Keep Furnishings In Good Condition

Once you have the furnishings you want, you’re obviously going to want to keep them for a number of years. This will require some preventative measures to keep things from falling apart. While degradation of furnishings might not be that dramatic, their value and appearance depends on a bit of due diligence being taken from the moment you receive them. By mitigating everyday wear and tear as much as possible, you can extend the lifespan of all your furnishings by a very great amount. 

Repair, Don’t Ever Replace

Further from the previous point, even if furnishings do become damaged or worn, it’s better to repair and refurbish them instead of buying new versions, as this will save you both money and time in the long run. It can also give your furnishings a unique character of their own, as the repairs will set them apart from similar office furnishings elsewhere. If you want to keep everything uniform instead, many manufacturers will have their own repair services that use existing materials and patterns to make things seamlessly fixed. But why not add a touch of personality as time goes on, and see where it takes you?