The crab king became the king of all the crabs may be the most sought after crabs known to humans. Because of this, prices go up so that this creature is more than delicacy than traditional food. For this reason they demand respect when cooking and must be done carefully, proud and patience.

For this reason a little research is needed to cook King’s crabs because the fact is very large, anyone must make the best every individual crab using all meat and shells and the remainder for stock production or bisque.

King’s crabs not only get their reputation for its size, but also because it has its own texture and taste itself compared to all other crabs available on the market. This crab can be prepared, served and eaten in various ways and becomes large as the main, or a starter that will satisfy the abdomen that appreciate.

The most popular way to cook king’s crabs is to boil, grill and grill and fortunately quite delicious when hot or cold. Traditionally, like most other crabs, they are served with melting butter or squeeze fresh lemon juice, which is recommended for the first time eating. This recommendation is only to taste the original and natural flavor of crabs before trying other experiments. When you reach this level, there are several ways to spice up your King’s crab dishes but you have to be careful not to damage the recipe so far, King’s crab is delicacy.

The recipe is simple but delicious is Alaska King Crab Royale which is famous. It only consists of 2.5 to 3 inches chopped crab legs brushed with special sauce. This sauce consists of ordinary butter, lemon juice, tarragon, parsley and spark of tabasco sauce and finally chopped red onion and diced. The most popular ways to cook this recipe once again are traditional fuel methods while repeating the brush with sauce done. Or you can complete this method using barbeque to grill it but simultaneously gives the smoke.

Another recipe for King’s crab, which is very similar, but at the same time it is very different is a famous Latin Nuevo style recipe consisting of crab roasting in lime butter sauce. Together with this butter, you mix in chili oil and maybe even some chili flakes, chili chili (the amount depends on how hot you like your food) and another half lime (juice). Again, the crab brush occasionally uses this method until cooked. Serve this with the avocado salad that works well with all the crabs and maybe a little cocktail or fruit juice, depending on what you like.