Schools began to be one of the most pleasant times in children’s lives. After years of watching their older brothers go to school every day and back in the end, it was like finally they can join the ‘Kids Kids’ itself. For those who have siblings, it can also be a scary and frightening experience. To prepare your child for changes that accompany the transition to school, it is important to grow excitement to your child and encourage their growth and learning. Children will follow the instructions of their parents, so by making the process of ‘getting ready for school’ is a pleasant opportunity, your child will be more likely to anticipate the first day of school and embrace their school life.

Here are some steps that must be done to prepare your child for school:

Stock. If funds allow it, let them choose some school supplies such as lunch boxes and pencil kasing. This will make them excited to use it in the school environment.

Train the road / trip to school. Before a big day, the travel route they will take to school with your child. Whether it will be by car, train or feet, practicing travel will make it more familiar, and will be less ‘new’ experience to burden them with the first day of school.

Get them learn before they go to school. When school starts, this is the first learning situation they will do. Try to teach them a little before they leave for their first day so they have an idea of ​​what to expect. For example, teach your child to write their names, learn a few numbers and count. You might even teach them alphabet.

Can they tie their shoelaces? Send your child to school with some skills up their arms so they will not be depressed if their shoelaces or buttons are canceled. Whether your child wears a school uniform for girls or boys they might have to wear school shoes checked, so make sure you help them understand binding before their first day.

School uniforms. Therefore, getting their first school uniform, can be very exciting. For them walking in their school shoes and let them show off their clothes to family and friends before the big day.

Starting school for the first time is a new and attractive experience for children. It can also be extraordinary. But making a conscious effort to prepare your child for school will make the transition as smooth as possible. If your child starts school next year, then start preparing you earlier by collecting children’s school clothes and giving them early on their ABC.