A virtual private server might be one of the most optimal solutions for various IT projects’ development. High-quality hosting plans guarantee resources-on-demand and a solid security system. Not to mention the full root access that allows crafting the most efficient virtual environment. However, some outdated myths still hinder IT beginners and even pro-level specialists. Time4VPV experts reveal 3 myths and provide the facts in response.

1. Expensive services

The truth is that today you can get a professional virtual private space for an affordable price. Market specialists remind – before comparing the pricing of different services, assess your needs. For instance, you shouldn’t compare hosts offering shared and private servers if you’re after dedicated resources and an enhanced security system. Not only it’s not objective, but it’s also risky to think of saving on needed maximum data security level and high uptime.

How can market players guarantee pro-level quality and affordable pricing? Well, it depends on many factors. One of them could be owning a DC equipped with enterprise-class hardware. Time4VPS agrees that running their own DC saves the third-party fees and allows highly competitive pricing. That’s how you get a professional and relatively cheap Windows VPS server or a Linux OS-based virtual space.

2. Specific Programming Skills Needed

Another myth is related to programming skills – you might have heard an opinion that to efficiently manage a VPS, you need to be a professional programmer. Even though self-managed servers require some IT skills, there are plenty of tools to make daily processes easier. Looking for those now? Check out the cPanel software licence. It could help you get the edge on your fast and efficient servers’ management system.

3. Hardly Ensured Security

Obviously, your data security goes hand-in-hand with enterprise-class hardware and the professionalism of hosts. Found a trustworthy service provider who works with or owns a certified DC? Then, your data is most likely safe and sound 24/7, 365 days per year. For instance, a TIER III certified DC means that the servers are held under special conditions, safe from break-ins, natural disasters, and DDoS attacks.

Finally, it’s all about seeking trustworthy, experienced, and customer-oriented hosts. In other words, today, all those myths could be seen only as consequences when choosing an unprofessional service. Enterprise-class hardware, a certified DC security system, and valuable extra perks make VPS one of the most secure and efficient options.