These problems can be classified into two categories;

Internal challenges – concerned by the company and the contractor.

The external challenges – concerned elements outside the scope of companies.

Given the internal challenges, they can still be decomposed in;

1) Personal progress – These are problems that the contractor is confronted with himself. They constitute social and psychological problems.

Bad relationships with family and friends; The stabilization of a company would require a large part of the time and effort of the company’s person. It would remove the moments and times he loved with them. This can be solved by scrolling from time to time spent the business, to embrace the company of his loved ones. This is a question of balancing time for business time and social time. In this way, loneliness will be avoided during work.

Fear of the failure of the company – if companies collapse or do not generate enough feedback; The owner will lose all his investments. A business person supports this risk in his mind, because it’s a possibility but acts as an alarm to carefully watch the company. It can cope with this fear by establishing risk management strategies that would mitigate all kinds of risks and offset any loss when it occurs. In this way, the company will always have efforts to move to its operations despite the impact of the risks facing it.

Risk of career loss; Some business people abandon their jobs to continue their own business. Nevertheless, they can end up regretting if the company works badly or closed. That is why it is advisable to ensure that the company is sufficiently stable to pass to service before sacrificing career life. We can also do business related to his own career area to progress in his skills.

Ignorance of business ethics – this means a failure of the practice of the ethical requirements of the company due to not be aware of these requirements. This problem can lead to the company being closed by the authorities very quickly if the legal procedures have not been respected by the business person. To avoid this problem, a business person may request legal representation. That is, it can employ a personal lawyer to guide him in legal procedures and assist him in ensuring that the operations of the company correspond to the relevant commercial ethics.

Lack of expertise and experience – This can lead to the powerful business. If a company is not familiar with the nature of its business operations, it would mean that it is not sure what it does. It will also lack confidence in communicating yourself with guests because it can lose all its potential customers who would realize that they deal with extraterrestrial products. The businessman would then need to seek the expertise and training he needs to carry out the company; technical skills and management necessary.

2) Management Penériations – These are problems related to how the business operations are controlled. Considering that the company already has advanced technology and qualified personnel, the main problem could be mismanagement of funds. A misuse of commercial finances can lead to a big loss. In this regard, the business person should look for information on the surface and profound on the managers he would appoint. It is to make sure they are sufficiently qualified and experienced to manage management difficulties.

External challenges can be;

1) Natural disasters – floods, earthquakes and bad weather can damage commercial operations. These events are beyond human control so we can always watch them happen. However, there is a way in which a business can be protected against such occurrences. It must be ensured against the risks so that, in case there is a loss; It would be offset for the loss and move on.

2) steep competition – there could be well established sup