What is this page? Well, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to go to all high-class supermarkets and buy all expensive products. But are they really nutritious? Are they really good value for money? Can you feed your family half of the cost of someone who uses Asda or Sainsbury? Let’s find out we will.

Cooking with a limited budget is very important for many families in the current economic climate. The biggest part of the family budget goes to buy food – but it doesn’t prevent you from buying nutritious and healthy food for families. Cheap food does not mean unhealthy food. Fresh fruit and vegetables are not expensive and some can be completely free just by growing themselves. You don’t even need a park or allotment to grow your vegetables, or spices. We will show you soon again.

You can make many things from the start and in large quantities and freeze them or bottles for future use. Some simple techniques such as shopping in the market right before closing time – especially on Saturday, bringing a very good offer. The kiosk holder does not want to be stuck with fruit and vegetables that will not be fresh on Monday morning. So what they do – they sell it cheaply to get rid of it. Try for yourself. Visit the market one hour before closing time and see for yourself. Some cheap fruit and vegetable bags can feed your family with one way for weeks – if you use it correctly. Cooking a budget or cooking with a budget can be very easy. Cooking budgets is not science. Some pockets of vegetables and bags of dried beans and pulses – wheat, dry peas, lentils provide all and body and additional nutrients to vitamins & nutrients that are already in fresh vegetables, providing healthy food and filling for all families. You can freeze what you don’t use in a plastic bag and it provides additional food later on. We will give you all the recipes you need for all types of nutritious and healthy soup using vegetables and pulses – without additives and ‘e’ numbers to provide a sense and taste that has been lost during processing. Cook the budget is not difficult. It only needs a little thought and forward planning.

Tomato soup is a great example of using some mature tomatoes, onions and a handful of herbs and spices. All recipes for this and other vegetable-based soup are available for you just by clicking the link to this recipe page. Always remember, budget recipes are not cheap recipes – they are recipes based on good quality but cheap materials. There is nothing cheap about the quality or nutritional value of the products produced.

Salad in summer, we all like salads. They are healthy naturally because vegetables are used, but you can easily change the salad into a filling and healthy food just by adding pasta, meat or seafood. We will show you how.

Desserts There are dozens of beautiful desserts that can be made for anything. Don’t throw away the bread – turn it into bread and butter pudding by just adding milk and eggs and maybe a handful of Sultana or apricot dry … very easy.

Your main courses don’t need to invest in roast beef or waist pork to give family meat for dinner. Use minced beef or minced pork. There are hundreds of recipes for using mincemeat. Use cheaper and cooked beef pieces long and slow to heartbreaking. You can do it without damaging the bank to get the meat onto the table