Planning is a process that never ends and it is always advisable that each company, regardless of size and size of a business plan. Medium and large companies often have many different strategic plans for marketing, distribution and planning is continuous at any time. As a former franchisor, and do some business advice on the side from time to time, I’m surprising how many companies of all sizes have strategic plans, but they did not understand future technologies in their Industries that could be game changers.

It’s as if they wait for someone to steal their cheese, then adapt to the new situation, rather than anticipating change and be at the cutting edge of change. Yes, there is a crisis opportunity, but if you want to be lucky in business, you must be prepared when these opportunities confront you. If the cheese is about to be moved, why do not you move it first, why not be the first to market, why not be a trendetter.

So I ask for it; Does your strategic plan currently understand how you will face future technologies that are at the forefront of your sector? Are you on all new technologies, have you discussed with suppliers who could provide these technologies to your business, do you talk about their engineers and research and development services to associate a personalized transaction, Who realizes it that your business only?

If you stay at the forefront of the next new thing in your area, you can do offers, and even may find some of these coming suppliers with these new applications, and you need to test them first and ride them into the following. Everyone tries to understand what to do, in the meantime, you already work with a company that has the patents under an exclusive agreement. If you want to be a contractor or head a company of this day and the age of instant information, instant gratification and chaos controlled in the viral world of the internet, you have to think here, but if you make advice;

Perhaps you should spend a few hours at lunch today, or maybe tonight and write all new upward technologies that could affect your business, some of those you might consider threats, but they can in reality being opportunities. Indeed, I hope you will pursue this and think about it. If you are wondering what comes in your area, whatever the industry, you may be able to contact me by email and we can open a dialogue. The future has just known whether you are on board or not.