Many small business owners still do not use technology and adopt online marketing approaches to develop their business. I know that most people believe they use social media and other types of tools to develop their business, but according to a youlle survey, the truth is that only an owner of two small businesses use technology for Help accounting.

It’s 51% of companies that do not use technology as a basic business agent. Online sales are as well as mobile purchases. This will be the norm to do business for any small business owner in the future.

Only 1 out of 10 small businesses have understood how to use social media or online advertising to market their product or service. The SBA indicates that small businesses account for 54% of all US sales. Why do these small business owners do not use the “the most free” technology available to reach their customers?

Most of your customers are looking for you on the internet. If you need a doctor, plumber or new home, people go on the internet to find the answers. If you have no presence on the web, you leave money on the table so that someone else to enjoy. It’s just stupid.

If your website is old, or does not have contact information from your business, you leave money on your competitor’s table. Shopping Online is now an industry of billions of dollars and grow. Are you too stupid not to take this opportunity to help you develop and develop your business in the long run?

Technology has become easier and easier. It’s the nature of this industry. Nobody will buy technology if it should be more difficult and more difficult to use, so do not be afraid to expand your technology horizons. The use of technology helps reduce the stress of business management and will help you create more benefits. Technology helps you connect with your customers and inform them of your next excellent product.

Publish your Facebook fan page, your LinkedIn profile and a Twitter account or set up a free account on the Angie list have all been simplified and will help develop your possibilities to win over time. These free tools will give you a long-term presence for your business. People may not need your service every day but when they need it, you will help them find yourself quickly and easily.

This type of marketing is not supposed to make you a feeling of night, although it can happen is to help you grow your business over time so that you and your partners can succeed together in the long run.