The world has turned into a global village with the invention of the World Wide Web is the internet. The business world has also completely adapted and transferred into online mode. The world is going cashless with all online transactions. Everything can be found everywhere. The internet has even brought the stores and markets to our phone and laptop screen. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular among this generation. By simple definition, online shopping is an E-commerce Site where customers can buy products directly from a seller. It is very convenient for both buyer and the seller. The customer has the benefit of choosing from hundreds of options at the comfort of their home or office. Delivery in their footsteps and easy return and cash back is the reason most people are referring to online shopping nowadays. The seller has its benefit where they can directly connect with the customer. They have the benefit of unlimited exploration of their product to the masses, very affordable and reasonable marketing and advertising of their product via the internet. Time management, their product is always at the display throughout the day and month and year without any actual presence all the time. There are hundreds of websites and applications for online shopping. The seller to establish a business or store on the internet must follow some protocols of the particular online application.

One of the leading E-commerce applications is Amazon. It first started as just a bookselling online store but slowly it expanded to all sorts of items making it the leading online marketplace of today. Amazon has a very strict professional code for the sellers which if not followed properly can get your account cancel and then you need to again apply for an amazon suspension appeal to get your account back. Certain professionals like appeal guru reviews help in the process. So If you want to sell your products at Amazon you need to first open an account in Amazon keeping in mind all the rules and codes of Amazon. Amazon is welcoming to every type of authentic seller from any part of the world. But it has to abide by their rules of sellers always at any cost.

The Most Important Seller Policies Of Amazon Are

·        Authenticity

Amazon sells authentic and original products. Trying to sell fake or duplicate products is a sign of trying to deceive Amazon’s customers which is strictly prohibited as it loses the trust and loyalty of customers.

·        Proper Delivery

The seller should be able to deliver the item at the expected delivery time and date. Late shipment can cause frustration and discomfort to the customer thus providing a bad experience of the app and continuous bad shipment rate of a seller can cancel the account of the seller.

·        Customer Satisfaction

Good customer review is expected in the products of the seller.

·        Restricted Items

Some items are completely prohibited from the list in Amazon. A seller cannot sell those items on Amazon.

·        Advertisement

The advertisement and marketing of the product must be relatable and should match the expectation of the original product.

Violation of any of those rules by a seller will lead to the suspension of their account. Therefore it is very important to know the policies before Amazon’s suspension appeal. However, if you are confused certain experts like appeal guru reviews can help through your Amazon suspension appeal.