Sometimes, through the course of our day, we need rescue relief to help us overcome the routine highway. Then, there are times when we need all the help we can get!
We are constantly in an endless cycle of regular guests and endless negative thoughts that can trigger the response to stress within our bodies. Many times we need rescue relief just to overcome our day!

Here are some very easy secrets to help your body work at your peak and bring
You at a health level that can protect your immune system. Good health should be non-reactive proactive. When we learn small things that can dissolve the stress that attacks our mind and bodies that we are proactive. We need to make some of these secrets to ensure that we maintain a health level that is optimal.

60 seconds secrets:

1. Take 8 deep breaths with closed eyes: exhale breathing very slowly

2. Before you get up from the bed in the morning, open your eyes and start giving thanks for your great health! Even if it is not true, when you start to say it, you start to believe it and internalize it, so it becomes real!

3. Take your vitamins daily!

4. Drink a cup of warm water with a little lemon juice, and a pinch of cayenne pepper every morning with empty stomach

5. You think you’re healthy and you tell yourself 25 times!

6. Take a 60-second ride from your desk by half the day.

7. Take a minute of meditation of 60 seconds!

8. Keep your smile for 60 seconds in front of a mirror!

9. Stroll on the shoes and walk down the grass for 60 seconds!

10. Roll your shoulders and roll your head from side to side.

11. Sing your favorite song for 60 seconds with a smile on your face!

12. To clarify your dog or cat for 60 seconds and relax!

Do this every day and observe the value of your increase days and will begin to feel more vital and live.

Your health will thank you for the healthy 60 seconds!