The reason, the reasons offered to hide the real reason for an action, seems to have become a normal part of everyday life. Whether they lie small or big white, people tend to offer them easily, you will think that they are truth. Now, with 4G technology, the reason when it comes to stay in touch must be really good to be trusted.

People make reasons for many things; If they don’t want to accept a party or dating invitation, if they forget to carry out important tasks, or if they don’t keep promises to someone, they make the reason why they can’t, or don’t do it. When it comes to staying in touch with friends and family, it’s the same. Days can change to weeks, weeks can change for months, and before you know it, you have really lost contact with an old friend. The reason is often a busy or forgetful schedule, not because it lacks care. With a busy lifestyle led by many people in today’s society, this reason may apply. However, with current technology this reason will not fly again. With cellular broadband, your computer is constantly connected to the internet, which means you can send emails, instant messages, or video chat with someone from anywhere in your city.

With mobile WiMAX, which uses cellular air cards that connect directly to your computer, you can take advantage of constant coverage and fast 4G technology. This technology has extensive coverage, covering the entire city, such as Atlanta or Chicago, so your laptop will always take connections, even if you are not a place that has a wifi hotspot. You will be able to stay in touch with people in your life whether you are in your home, park, restaurant, doctor’s office, or on a train or bus. Take advantage of your downtime fully by inserting your card into your computer and sending an email or starting an instant message chat from anywhere. Take advantage of being able to use video chat outside the home or office, like when you are in a garden with your children. Family members in other parts of the country will be happy to be able to see them running around and play. This technology is four times faster than 3G, which means sending e-mail and chat is getting faster. When video chat, there will be no disturbing delay that interferes with the rhythm of the conversation.

This technology is still a new product, so be sure to check that your city is closed. If not, it must be immediately. If it’s already in your city, consider connected to stay in touch with friends and family faster and easier. There will be no convincing reasons because it is not honored by people in your life; The old reason must be saved for another situation, such as turning off your faint neighbor when he asks you on a date on Saturday tonight.