As a business owner, you should always look for ways to develop your business.

Why? Without growth, your competitors are likely to continue their competitors, your staff will start facing them to keep them motivated, your profits will decrease as costs are increasing, your business will not grow value and especially, you will not reach Your commercial potential.

As a professional training, I am a system of 5 steps to achieve the growth of my clients’ companies:

Increase the number of customers entering your business.
Increase the number of times every customer buys from you.
Increase the amount that each customer spends each time they buy.
Increase the beneficiary margins on the products and services that your customers are buying from you.
Build a high performance business model by increasing the effectiveness of each business process to reduce waste and reduce the need to be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
I found the time and again that if you are able to make small improvements in each of these 5 profit drivers in your business, you will drive massive growth in your end-of-line profit and your business value .

In my corporate coaching module on this system of 5 steps, I describe 25 ideas that you can use today to develop your business:

Develop one or more unique basic differentiators so that your business stands out from the crowd
Use the phone power to maximize the value of each client contact
Systematte your sales process to maximize conversion rates
Use market studies to make sure you understand your market and customers
Plan your promotional activities rather than let things at the last minute and waste money
Classify your customers and adapt your sales and marketing strategies to each segment
Find ways to ask you that customers come back easy is not it, but do you do that now?
Provide a great service – always!
Find ways to feed your customers and make them feel special
Get customer reviews and use it to improve your service levels
Cross Sell from your product line
Upsell products and services once your client is committed to buying
Bundle products and services to create a higher perceived value
Use the smartest merchandising techniques you can find
Never ever, never, never expected your prices – did I show up there?
Identify your low margin customers and send them packaging – Send them preferably to your competitors!
Constantly search for waste and inefficiency in your business and find ways to remove them or reduce them
Expand a vision of your business and plan to reach it
Understand the strengths of the weaknesses of opportunities and threats in your business and use this knowledge to create a better business model
Find the time to work on your business rather than getting stuck inside the business every day
Systematize all your business processes to drive efficiency and exploit your team
Build an effective team
Embrace change
Use the power of synergy to apply all these business improvement ideas at the same time to Turbo loads your growth.
Find a business trainer or mentor to engage in a business improvement plan