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Month: May 2020


Automated currency trading tutorial 

Recently, there has been a lot of discussions about automated currency exchanges and how certain currency trading platforms can make trading currency almost completely automated. Although these platforms can make commercial currency much easier, they can often not provide the level of automation that would…


The best place for exchange 

When traveling outside your home country you will have to exchange your currency for the one used in your country of destination. It is always a reasonable idea to check the exchange rate before starting your trip. This will give you a general idea of…


Learn about currency trading 

Currency trading is quite easy to learn compared to stock trading. The Stock Exchange is controlled by the central body, while currency trading is not, and this means there are no options or future in trading in this market. Similarly, there is no arbitration panel…


Factors that influence currency trade 

Trading currency, also known as Forex, is done to benefit from different currencies from various countries. Because the exchange rate varies, the profits carried out through forex trade vary. As a currency trader, you must check when the exchange rate varies as you wish so…